Our Heritage

Luminite Products Corporation was founded in 1926 by Salamanca, NY community and industrial leaders, with William M. Greene as the Secretary of the Corporation and General Manager of the plant. Mr. Green was the great-grandfather of John F. Vosburg III, present owner and President. The principal impetus of this new company was the acquisition of a newly invented aluminum alloy – called Luminite – which unlike pure aluminum, was eminently machinable. These cylindrical aluminum bases were cast and machined in Luminite’s own foundry and machine shop. This material, together with engraving machines designed and built by the Company, enabled Luminite to provide relief-engraved printing cylinders that were new to the printing market. The principle users of this product were wallcoverings, draperies and giftwrap manufacturers. Luminite was the nation’s first full-scale manufacturer of mechanically engraved aluminum printing cylinders.

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Whether you’re working from a rough sketch, a final RIPped bitmap, or anything in between, the Luminite graphics team is here to insure that you get the results you want on press every time.  Our state of the art facility is staffed by a team of highly trained graphics professionals with decades of experience in both computer technology and the flexographic process.

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Our Services

Luminite Products Corporation offers a wide variety of services and products to the flexographic printing industry. From digital direct laser-engraved elastomer cylinders and sleeves, to polymer plates.

Whether you’re looking for a tint roll or you need 175 line screen tonal work, we can deliver.


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Meet Our Sales and Customer Service Team

Our Account Executives and Customer Service Associates work together with the goal of providing you with efficient service, personal attention, and the latest flexographic printing products and solutions to meet your needs.

Mark F. Borger

Senior Account Executive

P | 1.814.817.1420 x102
F | 1.814.817.1421
M | 1.716.801.5811

Rick Hunter

Account Executive

P | 1.814.817.1420 x131
F | 1.814.817.1421
M | 1.423.213.7465

Donald Nelson

Account Executive

P | 1.814.817.1420 x111
F | 1.814.817.1421
M | 1.814.779.3787

Curt Smith

Technical Support Specialist

P | 1.814.817.1420 x127
F | 1.814.817.1421
M | 1.716.560.9400

Curt’s vast technical knowledge and problem solving abilities have been serving Luminite customers for over 32 years.

Tracy Pierce

Customer Service Representative

Tracy Pierce works with customers from all territories.

P | 1.814.817.1420 x121
F | 1.814.817.1421

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