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The Original ITR Solution

Flexible Packaging.

Flexible Packaging

Luminite is currently working with most of the top flexographic printers. We are seeing excellent results across a wide range of flexographic printing environments, covering all current inks, substrates, and presses. Whether it’s sleeves, covered cylinders, or plates, Luminite is delivering the right product, at the right price, at the right time.

Why Luminite?

  • Seamless repeats / Continuous print
  • Ease of registration between ITR and plates
  • Decades of flat top technology for fine screen work
  • Distortion free
  • Surface tension testing allows us to identify optimum ink transfer properties
  • No limit on substrate materials with our range of elastomer compounds
  • Ease of registration
  • Quicker change over compared to plates
  • Less start up waste
  • Load-N-Lok option allows more use of sleeve without an air mandrel
  • Sleeves can be reused for multiple jobs

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