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Medical & Pharmaceutical.

Medical & Pharmaceutical

Luminite is the market leader when it comes to solving the many challenges facing the medical and pharmaceutical industry. For years we have been successfully assisting major companies around the world creating accurate medical charts and graphs with the fine detail needed for precise calibrations and reliable readings. With Luminite sleeves, you are assured of distortion free printing and high repeatability for error free work on a consistent basis.

With our sleeves and cylinder, we can insure accurate printing on the varied substrates needed in pharmaceutical packaging.

We also provide products that allow you to lay down high temperature adhesives allowing accurate positioning for worry free packaging for all types of medical products.

Why Luminite?

  • Reliable and exact measurements using our digital direct laser engraving technology
  • Text point size as small at 0.75 pt for basic non-serif fonts
  • Screens for gradients, vignettes and 4 color process up to 175 line
  • Superior transfer of ink compared to photopolymer plates and sleeves
  • Distortion free
  • Can be used on many different substrates
  • Worry free accuracy on repeat orders
  • High temperature applications
  • Seamless blanket sleeves are also available
  • Can be used with direct (flexo) and indirect (offset) printing
  • Quicker change over compared to plates
  • Seamless printing, eliminating plate bounce and lessening registration issues

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