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The Original ITR Solution

Our Services.

Our Services

Why Choose Luminite?

Luminite Products Corporation has been around since 1926 and has been a pioneer in the flexographic printing industry for decades.
Our talented and knowledgeable team provides our clients with the best solutions to their printing/ embossing needs. Whether it is our tailor-made materials for your printing cylinders/ sleeves or our approach in getting you the best quality of your prints.
Our patented Load-N-Lok Air Sleeve System The world’s first patented (Patent #8307764) “Air Sleeve” system that does not require an air mandrel.

Luminite Products Corporation offers a wide variety of services and products to the flexographic printing industry. From digital direct laser-engraved elastomer cylinders and sleeves, to polymer plates.

Whether you’re looking for a tint roll or you need 175 line screen tonal work, we can deliver.

What We Can Do For You

Allow Luminite’s patented air sleeve system; Load-N-Lok, help you take your printing to the next level by saving you time and money with millions of great impressions.

• Standard Sleeves
• Load-N-Lok Sleeves
• Cylinders
• Plates
• Embossing Cylinders
• Hot & Cold Stamp Cylinders
• Tinting Cylinders
• Coating/ Flood Coat Cylinders
• Back Up Cylinders
• Ink Pick Up and Transfer Cylinders

In addition to elastomer cylinder and sleeves, Luminite offers laser-engraved polymer plates for your press needs.

Try Our Services

Allow Luminite to quote your next job and see how we can help your printing or embossing business.

Our customers now receive product with seamless repeat and crisp print quality every time.
Bernard Hendershot – Flexmag Industries, Inc.

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