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The Original ITR Solution

School, Home, Office Products.

School, Home, Office Products

If you’re printing for school, home, and office, you should be talking to Luminite. Our sleeves and elastomer covered cylinders are consistently manufactured to give you highly accurate and consistent results, time after time, job after job.

Notebook paper, steno books, index cards or any of the hundreds of products that require consistent and accurate ruling, our digital direct, laser engraved sleeves and cylinders are the product of choice.

Why Luminite?

  • Fine line weights to 0.001″
  • Precise stepping and repeats
  • Accurate front to back registration
  • Quads and Graph Paper
  • Ability to accommodate numbered lines and date blocks
  • Up to 112.000″ engraving width
  • Engraved sleeves and cylinders up  to 61.842″ repeat/non-engraved up to 77.911″ repeat
  • In many cases, we can rework sleeves multiple times for cost savings
  • Sleeves are easy to handle, store, and load on your press
  • Decades of experience with ruling projects

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