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  • Elastomer Sleeves vs Photopolymer Plates for Flexo Printing June 7, 2023
    When thinking about the various components involved in making a final flexo printed product, one of the most important elements to thoroughly consider is your image carrier selection. After all, when your image carrier is not optimized for your printing needs, you can quickly accrue negative consequences such as: A number of printing defects Print […]
  • Basics of Wide vs. Narrow Web Flexo Printing May 18, 2023
    For someone just entering the printing market, one of the most common points of confusion is understanding how printers print on different sizes of substrate. In regard to Flexo printing, there are three main options: narrow, mid, and wide web.
  • Flexographic Printing Defects by Category May 18, 2023
      Your flexo materials and process have served you well for years and produced great prints, but lately it seems that the final prints coming off the press just don't look right anymore. It’s likely you’re encountering a common flexographic printing defect.
  • Flexo vs Litho Printing: A Comparison May 4, 2023
    Commercial printing is changing rapidly, and the processes that produce the consumer goods we all see daily are growing and changing as quickly as we are. Among the various printing methods available, flexographic (flexo) and lithographic (litho) printing have long been two of the most popular options. 
  • Diagnostic Chart & Troubleshooting Guide for Flexo Printing Defects May 4, 2023
    Ready to conquer your flexo printing defects and boost productivity? Say goodbye to costly downtime and hello to a smoother printing process with our comprehensive flexo printing defects diagnostics chart and this troubleshooting guide.
  • Luminite: A Career – & Family – in the Printing Industry May 4, 2023
    Luminite has almost a century of rich history and relationships in the flexographic printing industry. The company offers careers in the printing industry at a facility that incorporates family values. 
  • Flexo Printing Equipment: Time for an Onshore Supplier? April 12, 2023
    The flexo printing process requires reliable image carriers to withstand the extended print runs expected by some manufacturers. If your customers expect a high-quality print product, you can’t be dealing with defects, delays, and dead supplier relationships. 
  • Luminite’s Print Trade Shows 2023: Converters, Infoflex March 28, 2023
    When it comes to the flexographic printing industry, Luminite has been producing quality elastomer sleeves, prints, and plates since 1926 - and sharing what we know at trade shows along the way. 
  • Comparing the Pros and Cons of Flexo vs Gravure Printing March 15, 2023
    Commercial printing relies on a variety of technologies to print on different substrates, but two of the more popular techniques are flexographic printing and gravure printing.
  • In-House Flexo Print Sleeve Manufacturing Partnership: 4 Benefits February 28, 2023
    Project timelines are carefully set based on finances and company goals. However, your flexo print sleeve manufacturer might throw a wrench into project momentum if they outsource for either materials or tasks.