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Consumer Products – Tissue.

Consumer Products – Tissue

Luminite is proud to work with numerous printers of paper towel and tissue products. Working with our sleeves, they are able to produce print widths of up to 110.000” with repeats up to 60.000”. Sleeves allow for greater flexibility in printing across multiple lanes with no distortion, increasing productivity on each press run.

We take the time to analyze your press, targeted print speed, artwork, substrate and selection of inks in order for us to recommend the most cost efficient product for your project. Our goal is to minimize dot gain, reduce bounce, maximize ink coverage and reproduce vibrant colors that match the original design.

Why Luminite?

  • Seamless repeats, continuous print
  • Easier registration with existing sleeves and plates
  • Flat top dots allow for finer detailed screen work
  • We measure surface tension and customize rubber formulation for optimal ink transfer
  • No distortion
  • Sleeves are easy to handle, store and load on your press
  • Conceptual art available on request
  • Elastomer typically outlasts photopolymer in most applications

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