General Questions

Elastomer is an extremely durable rubber polymer that stands up to the rigorous stresses of repeat printing. Standard polymers don’t offer the same kind of resilience.

In addition to providing millions of great impressions, elastomer sleeves also increase press uptime, lasting up to 3 to 5 times longer than polymer plates in most applications. 

Other benefits include:

  • Superior abrasion resistance
  • Compatible with a large variety of inks
  • Exceptional ink transfer
  • Reduces pressroom waste
  • Easy to clean and store

Flexo printing is a shining star among printing methods. It offers the most versatility, repeatability, and is cost efficient for large print runs. 

Don’t believe us? Take a look at some of the comparisons:

Even the most well-rounded printers can experience printing defects. Take a look at this resource for pinpointing what kind of defect you’re looking at.

Everyone has a different system for maintaining the integrity of their image carriers, and it depends a lot on the type of ink you’re printing with. 

Here’s how we suggest cleaning and storing your plates and sleeves.

Flexo is great for printing sustainably! There is a wide range of environmentally friendly:

  • Substrates
  • Inks
  • Coatings & Adhesives
  • Pressroom Equipment

There are also many excellent resources available for eco-friendly flexo printing strategies!

At Luminite, we offer the following flexo prepress solutions to help you get the best print possible:

  • Color management
  • Texturing
  • Stepping
  • Proofing
  • Graphic Design
  • Consultation

For a list of acceptable file types and preparation requirements please visit our Graphics Page.

  • Minimum line weight of .001″
  • Screens from 1%-98% up to 150lpi
  • Screens from 2%-98% up to 175lpi

We can engrave text with a point size as small as .75 for a basic non-serif font.

Our durometers range from 30 Shore A to 75 Shore D.

Our surface tension ranges from 20 to 40 dynes.

Our specifically formulated materials have the capability to withstand temperatures up to 500°.

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