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Any flexo printer knows how much time it takes to switch out printing plates or sleeves and readjust the press in between jobs. That’s a lot of valuable time, and time equals money. 

What if there was a way to decrease setup time and increase press uptime? What if we told you that Luminite’s patented Load-N-Lok sleeves are the answer?

Changing Flexo Printing Equipment for the Better

Luminite has developed the first patented* “Air Sleeve” System that does not require an air mandrel for setup. Not only does this reduce setup equipment, it also eliminates a tedious process in press calibration.

The Load-N-Lok system enables sleeves and mandrels to be different lengths, meaning they can be used with your plant’s existing mandrels. No need for new flexo printing equipment!

With the Load-N-Lok technology, flexo printers are able to:

  • Mount sleeves with lengths 2.000” longer than the print width
  • Mount sleeves with standard minimum lengths of 6.000″
  • Increase printing speeds
  • Mount multiple sleeves onto the same mandrel
  • Use one sleeve on multiple presses with the same BCD — regardless of press type, width, or manufacturer
  • Serve multiple customers at once with multiple sleeves on the mandrel

This new process allows printers more flexibility than ever, while saving time and money — without ever compromising accuracy and great impressions.

*US Patent #8307754, European Patent #2398646, Chinese Patent #ZL200980158762

Preparing Load-N-Lok Sleeves for Printing

One of the primary features of Load-N-Lok is flexibility. Air lock sleeves can be mounted on multiple different presses if they have the same BCD Mount Base. Load-N-Lok also eliminates the need for an air-assisted mandrel. 

All you have to do to mount Load-N-Lok sleeves is insert an air compressor nozzle into the air   feed at the lead sleeve edge to expand the sleeve and push it onto the roller. When the nozzle is removed, the sleeve will lock to the roller and remain stationary

Check out Luminite’s Technical Support Specialist, Curt Smith, displaying the technology of the Load-N-Lok sleeve:

Advantages of Elastomer Sleeves for Flexo Printing

The benefits of elastomer sleeves or elastomer-covered cylinders are countless. Among other things, they reduce waste and cost while improving efficiency. 

Check out these blog posts for more details about how elastomer printing products can change the way you print.

What People Are Saying About Load-N-Lok

“Our press operators have seen a 50% reduction in job set-up time. The print quality is unmatched by anything I have experienced in the past.”

Bernard Hendershot – Flexmag Industries, Inc.

Ready to Up Your Flexo Printing Game?

Now that you’ve seen the Load-N-Lok difference, are you thinking about how to improve your pressroom?

Want to chat about it? Shoot us a message! Our technicians are always happy answer questions and talk about elastomer printing solutions!

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*All engraved sleeves, cylinders, and plates are CTP