Are you looking for a cheaper, more efficient image carrier? Are you tired of waiting around for photopolymer plates to develop?

Well, elastomer blend sleeves and elastomer-covered cylinders are the next big things for flexographic printing. Elastomer is essentially a rubber polymer, and is more durable than other conventional image carriers. 

With elastomer sleeves, you can:

  • Maximize efficiency with quicker setup time
  • Reduce waste from harmful cleaning solvents related to photopolymer plates
  • Increase output — durable elastomer holds up to larger print runs
  • Minimize plate-plate related defects

Keep reading to learn more about how elastomer sleeves can improve your flexo printing operations!

Elastomer Sleeves | Flexo Printing Applications

You wouldn’t let your image carrier dictate what kind of substrates you can print on, would you? Well, there’s no need to worry about elastomer sleeves, because they are capable of handling:

  • Flexible packaging
  • Labels
  • Pressure sensitive materials
  • Hot melt adhesives
  • Embossing
  • Tissue / non-woven
  • Gift wrap / ribbons
  • Shrink products
  • Corrugated

Flexo Printing with Elastomer Sleeves | Considerations

Luminite offers a range of customization for elastomer blend flexo printing products to meet your printing needs. We offer in-house roll building/covering for elastomer products.

Plus, we stock 31 standard elastomer materials that are designed with ink compatibility in mind for your print. Upon request, we can offer special, non-standard elastomer materials.

Elastomer Sleeve Features
Finish Diameter Standard Tolerance +.002″/-.000″
Durometer Range 38 Shore A to 75 Shore D (+/- 5 points)
Tonal Ranges up to 150lpi 1-98%
up to 175lpi 2-98% 

In addition, Luminite’s elastomer sleeves

  • Are suitable for line, solid, and halftone printing
  • Offer uniform build thickness
  • Support multiple repeats from one BCD

Incorporating Elastomer Sleeves for Flexo

Our sleeves are compatible with new flexographic printing presses that are manufactured with cantilevered air mandrels that don’t feature a cylinder removal.

Luminite’s in-the-round (ITR) sleeves are also compatible with Servo gearless presses.

The continuous print technology of our ITR sleeves is pre-press efficient, making them the right choice with your new press.

To learn more about elastomer sleeves and Luminite’s other flexo printing solutions, hop over to our Services page!

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