Our technical support staff will be available for consultation before, during, and after your engraving project has been completed.

Technical Support Includes

Color Management / Press Characterization

Luminite provides full support for your color critical work.  We’ll help you to accurately predict results before going to press, and can provide both hard and soft proofs for either spot or process work.

Assistance for Conversion to Sleeves

Luminite offers a wide range of tooling support options.  We can provide anything from basic specs or engineering diagrams to finished sets of mandrels to meet your production needs.

In House Surface Tension Testing

Luminite will help you manage surface tension in your process to maximize print quality.  We can provide measurements of critical surface tension variables, as well as expert assistance in optimizing them.

Curt Smith

Technical Support Specialist

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F | 1.814.817.1421
M | 1.716.560.9400

Stringent Quality Control is Present in Every Step of Our Operation

Providing you with the highest quality products and services is always our goal.  We achieve this through our skilled personnel, strict manufacturing standards and cutting edge manufacturing equipment.  Our products are processed using controlled standards and procedures to insure consistent results.

What this means for you

Every incoming cylinder is inspected to ensure it meets Luminite production standards. All bearing journals, bearing seats, and bores are also inspected and a balance check is performed. All of our cylinders ship with a certificate of compliance issued by our Final Inspection Dept. guaranteeing that your order is correct and within specs. You can rest assured that every part of our process is well documented and standardized, and that we will deliver a product of the highest quality, every time.

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