In 1976, Luminite became the first manufacturer of laser engraved flexographic image carriers in North America. Digital laser engraving (DLE) revolutionized image carrier production, turning a once tedious process into a quick and efficient one. 

Combining DLE technology with extremely durable elastomer materials, Luminite has created a seamless solution for superior image carriers. 

The Digital Laser Engraving Difference:

Digital laser engraving uses highly accurate lasers to ablate image carriers, including elastomer sleeves, elastomer coated cylinders, and photopolymer plates

DLE is ideal for applications that require increased durability, tighter registration, and higher ink densities.

Compared to other methods of imaging, DLE offers:

  • Flat top dots
  • Increased control of dot shape and dot profile
  • Greater depth / relief options
  • Distortion free, in-the-round, seamless / continuous printing
  • Fewer print defects
  • Increased printing speed

All of these benefits sound great, right? But you may be wondering “Can I use DLE for my application?” Well, DLE is compatible with:

Laser Engraving Technology

Luminite has 3 state of the art lasers in-house, enabling us to produce multiple image carriers simultaneously. Having many machines lets us easily keep up with demand and provide quicker lead times to our customers.

For projects requiring extremely fine details or a higher resolution, Luminite has the capability of hybrid engraving up to 5080 DPI. Additional laser engraving capabilities include:

  • Digital Direct Ablation
  • Exact step and repeat
  • Engraving depths from 0.000” to 0.125″
  • Minimum line weight of 0.001″
  • Text point size as small as 0.75 for a basic non-serif font
  • Screens for gradients, vignettes and 4-color process up to 175 lpi
  • Embossing 2D & 3D

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