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When it comes to flexographic printing, there are multiple materials, technologies, and methods to choose from to ensure a high-quality print. Take, for example:

Which flexo printing method is right for you? Here’s a bit more about elastomer covered cylinders. 

What Is an Elastomer Covered Cylinder?

Unlike other conventional printing methods, elastomer image carrier products:

  • Eliminate unnecessary waste & promote sustainable printing practices
  • Decrease setup time
  • Reduce cost
  • Improve print quality

Depending on the type of print or any customer-specific needs, different varieties of elastomer covered cylinders may be necessary. Printing cylinder manufacturers should be able to provide:

  • Coating/flood coat cylinders (& sleeves)
  • Pressure cylinders
  • Backup cylinders
  • Ink pickup and transfer cylinders
  • Hot and cold stamp cylinders
  • Tinting cylinders

Elastomer Covered Cylinders | Flexo Printing Applications

Much like elastomer sleeves or photopolymer plates, elastomer covered cylinders work on a variety of substrates, for a variety of applications.

Luminite’s Elastomer Print Cylinder Blend

At Luminite, we like to do things in-house, because frankly, outsourcing can cost our partners unnecessary time and money. That’s why we offer in-house roll building/covering for elastomer products.

We also stock 31 standard elastomer materials that are designed with ink compatibility in mind for your print. And if we don’t have the material you need, we offer special, non-standard elastomer materials. 

When it comes to our elastomer cylinders, we mean business, which is why our cylinders feature:

  • A finish diameter standard tolerance of +.002″/-.000″
  • A durometer range from 30 Shore A to 75 Shore D (+/- 5 points)

Flexographic Printing Cylinder Considerations:

At Luminite, we’re able to produce seamless, in-the-round (ITR) flexographic cylinders that are laser-engraved to meet your specific needs.

To provide optimum print quality, all integral shafts and cylinders to be engraved at Luminite must be received in balance. Out-of-balance cylinders must be balanced to Quality Grade G 2.5 at 2500 RPM prior to processing.

Our capabilities include:

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Whether your job is big or small, there’s a way to incorporate elastomer flexo printing solutions into your press room. To learn more about Luminite’s elastomer image carriers, shoot us a question or check out our FAQ page!

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