Flexo Print Sleeves, Cylinders, & Plates

In order to provide the optimum print quality, all integral shafts and cylinders to be engraved at Luminite must be received in balance. Out of balance cylinders must be balanced to Quality Grade G 2.5 at 2500 RPM prior to processing.

Patented Load-N-Lok

Un-Lok The Possibilities

Luminite has developed the first patented “Air Sleeve” system (US Patent # 8,307,764, European Patent # 2398646, Chinese Patent # ZL200980158762) that does not require an air mandrel. Our innovation means sleeves do not have to be the same length as your mandrel.

This technology, in most cases, can be used with your plant’s existing mounting system.

This new process will allow you, the printer, more flexibility than ever before. Imagine being able to run several sleeves at the same time, on the same mandrel. Possibly serving several customers at once.

Allow Luminite’s patented air sleeve system; Patented Load-N-Lok, help you take your printing to the next level by saving you time and money with millions of great impressions.

Patented Load-N-Lok Benefits

  • Sleeve length can be 1.000” longer than required print width

  • Multiple sleeves on the same mandrel

Economic Benefits

  • Reduced costs with shorter sleeves

  • Faster make-ready (set-up time)

  • Increased printing speeds

What Some People Are Saying About Patented Load-N-Lok

Our press operators have seen a 50% reduction in job set-up time. The print quality is un-matched by anything I have experienced in the past.

Bernard Hendershot – Flexmag Industries, Inc.

Precision Ground Engraved and Non Engraved

  • Standard Sleeves
  • Patented Load-N-Lok Sleeves
  • Cylinders
  • Plates
  • Embossing
  • Hot Stamp
  • Coating/Flood Coat Cylinders & Sleeves
  • Pressure Cylinders
  • Back Up Cylinders
  • Ink Pick Up and Transfer Cylinders


  • Flexible packaging
  • Labels
  • Pressure Sensitive
  • Hot Melt Adhesives
  • School / Office
  • Tissue / Non-Woven
  • Gift Wrap / Ribbons
  • Shrink Products
  • Medical & Pharmaceutical
  • Corrugated

Product Features

  • High Durability
  • Suitable for line, solid and halftone printing
  • Tonal range 1-98% up to 150lpi
  • Tonal range 2-98% up to 175lpi
  • Uniform build thickness
  • Multiple repeats from one BCD

Elastomer Blends

  • In-house roll building/covering
  • Finish diameter standard tolerance +.002″/-.000″
  • 31 Standard materials in inventory for ink compatibility
  • Special non-standard materials (available upon request)
  • Durometer range from 30 Shore A to 75 Shore D (+/- 5 points)
  • Plates: 3 blends offered in 0.067″ and 0.107″ thickness; 1 blend offered in 0.155″ and 0.250″ thickness


  • Digital Direct Ablation
  • Exact step and repeat
  • Depths up to 0.125″
  • Embossing 2D & 3D
  • Text point size as small as 0.75 for a basic non-serif font
  • Screens for gradients, vignettes and 4-color process up to 175 lpi
  • Minimum line weight of 0.001″
  • Variety of engraving profiles available

Minimum – Maximum Overall Lengths

Minimum – Maximum Diameters

Maximum Weight

  • Luminite Processed Cylinders: 1.000″ – 124.500″ (112.000″ max engraving width)
  • Customer Covered Cylinders: 1.000″ – 145.000″ (128.000″ max engraving width) – If Luminite grinding is required, maximum length is 124.500″
  • Standard Engraving: 1.900″ – 19.685″ (6.000″ – 61.842″ repeat)
  • Non-Engraved: 0.000″ – 24.800″ (0.000″ – 77.911″ repeat)
  • Standard TIR to 0.0005″
  • Engraved Cylinders: 1,600 lbs
  • Non-Engraved Cylinders: 2,500 lbs

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*All engraved sleeves, cylinders, and plates are CTP