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Which Calculator Is For You:

Understanding the exact gear, cylinder, and art repeats needed for your prints is crucial to success in your project. Working with inexact measurements throughout the manufacturing process leads to distortion in the final print, and necessitates frequent restepping or redistorting. At Luminite, we want to help you avoid these costly and time consuming errors.

We have produced 4 calculators for the most common gears.

1mod Calculator

⅛ CP Calculator 

¼ CP Calculator 

10DP Calculator 

Note: If you have a gearing arrangement that is not reflected in the calculators above, please reach out to us via email at or call our Technical Support Specialist directly at 1.814.817.1420 x127.

Luminite Products Corporation’s Flexo Printing Gear Calculators

How to Use the Calculators:

If you have a desired repeat, you need to pick the gear closest to your gear to get the closest repeat you can manage with your press.

  1. Select the calculator that is appropriate for your printing application.
  2. Fill in the exact metrics for your repeat.
  3. Choose the proper gear.
  4. Note your final calculation data for conversation with the Luminite technical support team.

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